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Coronavirus COVID-19 Disability Japan Podcast

Disability News Japan Podcast: Organ Transplant Scandal, Mask Wearing and a Lack of Disability News

The Tokyo police have arrested the head of a Yokohama-based nonprofit organization on suspicion of arranging organs for transplants without government permission.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Disability Japan Podcast

Disability News Japan Podcast: Severely Disabled Woman Contracted COVID-19 in January 2023, Refused Admission to a Tokyo Metropolitan Hospital

In January this year, a woman who lives in Ota Ward, Tokyo, who has cerebral palsy, a speech impediment palsy and uses home visiting care contracted a new variant of the coronavirus and requested to be admitted to a metropolitan hospital, but was refused.

Assisted Dying Disability Japan Podcast

Disability News Japan Podcast: Kyoto District Court Sentences Doctor Already Accused of Euthanizing ALS Patient to 13 Years for Killing Father

Kyoto District Court on Tuesday sentenced former doctor Naoki Yamamoto, 45, to 13 years in prison for killing his father in 2011, against 20 years sought by the prosecution. Yamamoto had previously been arrested and charged by the Kyoto District Public Prosecutors Office on Thursday August 13th 2020 for allegedly killing Yuri Hayashi, a woman with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), an intractable disease, at the victim’s request.

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Japan Govt to Give Wheelchair Tennis Legend Kunieda ‘People’s Honor Award’ becoming 1st Para-athlete to Receive the Accolade

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has instructed government officials to consider giving Japanese wheelchair tennis legend Shingo Kunieda the People’s Honor Award, Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno said Friday 3rd February. Kunieda would be the first para-athlete to receive the award since its establishment in 1977.

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Disability News Japan Podcast: Shinto Shrine Accessibility Problems & ‘Sagamihara Massacre’ Municipal Government to Pass Human Rights Ordinances

The draft report compiled by the city’s human rights policy council will include two proposals on penalties on hate speech: one that imposes an administrative fine for malicious acts, and the other in which a criminal penalty or an administrative fine will be imposed for such acts. The council will later meet again to go over the details and propose the final report to the Sagamihara Municipal Government.

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Disability News Japan Podcast: Are Japan’s Hikikomori Unwell, Disabled or None of the Above?

An estimated 20,000 people between 40 and 64 in Yokohama, who have no illness or disability, have mostly stopped going out for at least six months, according to a survey by the city government.

In the survey, nearly 40% of those residents who are in a state of “hikikomori,” or social reclusion, said their condition began when they started avoiding leaving home amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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Microsoft 365 Outage & Disability News in Japan Getting ‘Lost in Translation’

When Japanese news outlets reported the problems with software like Microsoft Teams, they used the term “障害”, and since the same term is often used to refer to a news story about disability issues, it was difficult to find news about people with disabilities in Japan, as any Google search with the term “障害”only returned results to do with the Microsoft 365 outage.

Disability Employment Japan Podcast

Disability News Japan Podcast: After a Snowstorm in Japan & Fukushima’s Disability Employment Rate Woes

The rate of employment of people with disabilities, which companies are obliged to increase the employment of people with disabilities, reached the highest level in the prefecture last year, but nearly 30% of companies do not employ even one person, NHK found out in a summary by the Fukushima labor bureau.