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Half of ‘disabled’ workers at central government institutions were miscounted: labor minister

“Half of workers hired by central government institutions based on a measure to promote the employment of people with disabilities did not qualify under guidelines for the measure as of June 1 last year, the government announced Tuesday. 28th August.”

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Takarazuka City Board of Education member apologizes for remarks about disabled girl

“Takarazuka City Board of Education said on Monday that a male (72), who was a board of education, attending public elementary schools in the city, said something to a mother of a fourth-graded girl (9) suffering from incurable diseases ” that the city’s board of education recognized the remark as “discrimination”. The man submitted his resignation last month and it was accepted on the 26th.”

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Japanese Government’s Ministries & agencies alleged to have misrepresented disability employment rates

“Ministries and agencies are believed to have misrepresented the rates by including in their head counts personnel with relatively mild disabilities who do not carry disability certificates. Officials at the land and internal affairs ministries have said that people without the disability certificates may have been included in the calculations.”

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150 people in Kobe, Japan mark the two year anniversary of the Sagamihara killings with a protest

“The group marched through the Kobe Motomachi shopping street, often chanting phrases such as ‘disabled people are not unhappy’, possibly a reference to the accused in the Sagamihara killings, Satoshi Uematsu asserting that ‘disabled people can only cause misery.’”

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Aichi Union supports disability group’s complaint against Nagoya castle restoration

“According to Umeda, Deputy Secretary-General, Aichi Unified Nagoya city’s policy not to install an elevator is said to be “discrimination against not only elderly people but also children as elderly people and children will not enter the castle tower,” and so I decided to support the demands of disabled people.”