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Name Change for Nearby Station of Castle Embroiled in Accessibility Controversy

From Kyodo via The Japan Times, Barrier Free Japan January 8 2023 NAGOYA – The Nagoya Municipal Government hoped toContinue Reading

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Controversy surrounding Nagoya Castle accessibility continues [Yomiuri Editorial]

“Although there is great significance to restoring the tower to its original condition, making buildings accessible to people with disabilities, among others, is appropriate for the era we are in. It is essential to accommodate the wishes of various people while seeking to preserve the keep’s historic value. Efforts should be made to find common ground.”

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Undisclosed settlement reached at Nagoya High Court over death of a disabled man

“The corporation that operates the facility offered a payment of 18 million yen, but the bereaved family said, “..there is a difference in the amount of compensation between the healthy person and the disabled person…I am against it,” and was seeking compensation of more than 72 million yen, the same amount as a healthy person.”

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‘Elevator at Nagoya Castle!’ Aichi disability groups appeal to Governor to reconsider renovation plans

“An executive committee made up of a group of people with disabilities based in Aichi prefecture, who are against the policy of Nagoya City not to install an elevator in the castle tower when it is restored with a wooden floor, met on September 19th with Aichi Governor Hideaki Omura, and asked the city to work towards the installation of an elevator.”

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Reported abuse of disabled people in Aichi prefecture rose to 560 in 2017

“There were 100 physical instances such as violence in descending order of abuse, 54 psychological cruelty such as verbal abuse, economic abuse of using and managing property without the consent of the person himself / herself There were 48 cases, abandonment of nursing care 16 cases, sexual abuse 11 cases. Seventy-five of the victims had intellectual disabilities, sixty mental disorders, 45 physical disabilities, and four developmental disorders.”

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Aichi Union supports disability group’s complaint against Nagoya castle restoration

“According to Umeda, Deputy Secretary-General, Aichi Unified Nagoya city’s policy not to install an elevator is said to be “discrimination against not only elderly people but also children as elderly people and children will not enter the castle tower,” and so I decided to support the demands of disabled people.”