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Disability Eugenics Japan

Victims of the Eugenics Law

“A Health and Welfare Ministry notice in 1953 said that sterilization surgery approved by a eugenics protection review board could be carried out even if the subjects of the operation opposed it — allowing for the use of physical restraints, anesthesia and deception to get them to accept the surgery.”


Gov’t mulls ordinance requiring 2 or more wheelchair spaces per train

“An investigative committee composed of advocacy groups for people with disabilities and other experts has reviewed the ordinance and other relevant rules. With only one wheelchair space per train, the committee argued that getting to use the space can turn into a competition, and if the number of spaces in trains is increased, it can also benefit parents with baby carriages and travelers with luggage.”

Disability Eugenics Japan

Girls aged just 9 among hundreds of minors forced to be sterilized

“Of the 859 individuals, 320 were male and 535 were female. The gender and age of four individuals were not included. Among the males, 191 were minors. Among the females, 257 were minors.
In total, 745 individuals were listed as having genetic intellectual disabilities.
According to a citizens group seeking an apology from the government, 16,500 or so individuals across Japan underwent forced sterilization.”