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Member of Japanese Diet with a Disability Compares Views of Parliamentarian who said LGBT people had “no productivity” with Killer of Disabled People

In a questioning session, Tenbata pointed out that “I feel that the basis of the statement that people’s value is evaluated based on their productivity is the same as that of Satoshi Uematsu, a death-row prisoner who caused the ‘Yamayurien Incident’ (in which residents of a facility for the disabled were killed and wounded)”. Sugita said she was “very disappointed that some people have the opinion that I am the same as death row prisoner Uematsu” and added: “I will do my best to realize a society that is close to people with disabilities and enables them to live well. We are still not making enough effort”.

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Japanese lawmakers with disabilities call for “immediate cancellation of the Tokyo Paralympics and strengthening of the medical system.”

However, there were some people with disabilities that were not happy about the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games being held. Yasuhiko Funago, who has ALS & Emiko Kimura who has cerebral palsy of the Reiwa Shinsengumi. Both are members of the House of Councillors, the Lower House in the Japanese Diet or Parliament.