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NHK “Heart Exhibition” opens, introducing poems written by people with disabilities

The “NHK Heart Exhibition” is held annually by NHK and the National Council of Social Welfare, with the aim of realizing a society where people with and without disabilities understand each other and live together.

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‘NHK Barrier Free’ Celebrity Yukinori Tamaki says of Paralympic Games Opening Ceremony: ‘WE HAVE WINGS’ segment: “I felt that it would have been fine if it didn’t fly”

The Tokyo Paralympics opened on the 24th. The theme of the opening ceremony was ‘WE HAVE WINGS,’ and it represented the process of a “small airplane with one wing,” performed by a girl in a wheelchair, taking off into the sky. Yukinori Tamaki, 53, a social worker who has cerebral palsy and appears on NHK E-TV’s ‘Baribara’ a TV show about disability issues in Japan, praised the production, but said, “There is a way of life for those who cannot fly. ” What are the thoughts of Mr. Tamaki, who has continued to convey the message of a diverse society through laughter in a program that targets “all minorities who have difficulty in living?