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Japanese disabled people play a major role at cold-resistant banana farm

“Chieko Saito, a former nursery teacher with no prior farming experience established “Okayama Ohisama (Sun) Farm” in May 2017, hoping to promote social integration of people with disabilities by providing them with jobs growing bananas.”

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Sapporo district court ruling on forced sterilization case makes courtroom accessible

“The Sapporo District Court ruling on a case to decide whether Kikuo Kojima (77) of Sapporo City is due damages on the grounds that sterilization was forced under the former eugenic protection law (1948-96) made the public gallery in the courtroom accessible for the hearings on the 25th. More than half – some reports say 60% – of the seats in the court room were allocated to accommodate the disabled people attending , to allow a caretaker with medical equipment, as well as sign language interpreters to accompany them.”

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‘Elevator at Nagoya Castle!’ Aichi disability groups appeal to Governor to reconsider renovation plans

“An executive committee made up of a group of people with disabilities based in Aichi prefecture, who are against the policy of Nagoya City not to install an elevator in the castle tower when it is restored with a wooden floor, met on September 19th with Aichi Governor Hideaki Omura, and asked the city to work towards the installation of an elevator.”