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Disability Employment Japan Padded Jobs

Swiftly create environment where disabled people can work stably [Yomiuri Shimbun Editorial]

“The important thing is to make preparations for accepting them. Should these new workers be hired on a massive scale and in a coercive manner, just to make up the numbers, it would be difficult for these individuals to settle into their new workplaces. It is a matter of course to aim at meeting the statutory hiring rate soon, but such endeavors should be advanced carefully, in keeping with workplace conditions.”

Disability Employment Japan Padded Jobs

Draft Employment Act For Disabled Persons to be announced by Japanese Parliament early January

“A draft of the bill to revise the Employment Promotion Act for Persons with Disabilities submitted to the ordinary Diet session next year by the government will be announced on Thursday 3rd 2019 January, to deal with the problem in increasing the employment of persons with disabilities such as central ministries.”