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Guide dog owners face discrimination 2 Years after a ban on such practice

“Discriminating against people with visual disabilities because of their means of walking constitutes a human-rights issue. I hope to see a society friendly to the disabled.”

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Japan looks towards privatization to help the intellectually disabled

“A report released last month by the Study Group of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare over the idea of ​​the National Institute for Severe Intellectual Disabled People Nozomi’s Garden (Takasaki City, Gumma Prefecture) said, “Roles focusing on business to be implemented as a nation “We also request privatization to be considered,””

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A mother in Japan talks about discovering her son’s developmental disability

“My son was diagnosed as being autistic spectrum in early childhood when he was a 3rd grade elementary school student. I received this note:

“By knowing the characteristics of a son in early response to the diagnosis, we were able parenting without compared with other child time of Sotsuchichi, time of remove diapers, time begins to speak the language. The son of development unlike other children, it was completely different from childcare books.”

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Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare states 7.4% of Japan’s population have disabilities

“On Monday April 9th 2018, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare announced estimates that 936,600 people in Japan have either mental or physical disabilities.

The number of people with disabilities in Japan increased by about 1.49 million from the previous estimate of 2013 (about 7,879 thousand people). The proportion of Japan’s total population also increased from about 6.2% to about 7.4%.”