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“Everyone will need a ‘Priority Seat’ someday”: Good Manners on Priority Seats (Part 2)

“Everyone will need a priority seat some day: the Priority seat” has not been able to become a fixed rule, it is the current situation that we must rely on people’s manners such as conscience, mutual assistance and kindness.”

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When it comes to priority seats, good manners are important (Part 1)

“There is a married couple, and the woman is disabled and has a cane. Her husband said to the young man who is nearest to the door “I’m sorry, I cannot stand for a long time, can you give me the seat?” Then the smartphone man gave a loud voice saying “I am tired! Passengers around me watched all at once, so it was so loud and fought back. Still, the smartphone man will not give up his seat as cancer. It is probably a “healthy person” who is absorbed in the smartphone of other priority seats.”

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Symposium in Shiga Prefecture emphasizes ‘independent living’ for the developmentally disabled

“A lecture and symposium inviting founding members of “Q – ACT (QUE – ACTO)”, an expert organization that supports autonomy in the community of for severely mentally handicapped people “To support the community life of people with mental disabilities ~ The trajectory of Q-ACT and future development “(sponsored by the prefectural mentally handicapped family association) was held at the Ryuta Art and Cultural Center Hall 2 of Ritto city 2 on 11th. Approximately 150 people from inside and outside the prefecture participated.”

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Fukushima finds records of sterilizations performed under eugenic law

“The Fukushima prefectural government had earlier told Kyodo News it held no such records but said Tuesday it had found the documents listing the names, ages and illnesses of 33 men and 87 women, of whom 68 were under 20 years old.

The documents included applications for surgeries and notices about the operations. All of the 120 are believed to have undergone sterilization without consent.”

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Girls aged just 9 among hundreds of minors forced to be sterilized

“Of the 859 individuals, 320 were male and 535 were female. The gender and age of four individuals were not included. Among the males, 191 were minors. Among the females, 257 were minors.
In total, 745 individuals were listed as having genetic intellectual disabilities.
According to a citizens group seeking an apology from the government, 16,500 or so individuals across Japan underwent forced sterilization.”