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Disability Discrimination

日本の障害者に対する差別に関する情報の要求。/ A Request for information about discrimination against disabled people in Japan

身体障害者のために差別を経験している身体障害者の場合は、以下のようにコメントしてください。コメントはブログの投稿に表示されることがあります。 Or you can also email Barrier Free Japan: ————————————————– If you are a disabled person living in JapanContinue Reading

Disability Discrimination

3198 instances of abuse of disabled persons in Japan reported for FY2016

“The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare announced on 27th that 3198 persons with disabilities were abused in 2016. Although the amount decreased slightly in comparison with FY 2003, which was the highest since the start of the survey in FY 2000, abuse by officials of persons with disabilities sharply increased by 18% compared to the previous year and number of cases and number of victims, the largest number ever updated for four consecutive years.”

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The ‘Japan Society for the Prevention of Abuse of Citizens of Persons with Disabilities Meets in Tokyo’ for the first time

“The first meeting of the “Japan Society for the Prevention of Abuse of Citizens of Persons with Disabilities” was held in Tokyo; it was established to protect persons with disabilities from abuse, and to recommend policy to the national government regarding ways of training staff that look after disabled people.”