Author: Michael Gillan Peckitt

UK & CP born, living in Japan, blogging about disability
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Forced sterilization and gender identity in Japan

“However, do you know that there is a law that forces unwanted infertility surgery now? The so-called “special sexual identity disorder method” (established in 2003). In order to have their gender identity (sexual identity) legally recognized, transgender people need to proceed to change family register in accordance with this law… It is necessary to revise this law right now.”

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Disabled people in Okayama Prefecture out of work due to placement company bankruptcy

“The comprehensive support law for persons with disabilities stipulates that when a business operator abolishes a business, it provides convenience for persons with disabilities who wish to work continuously. Kurashiki Municipal Government issued a similar recommendation on the 15th, but because they were not able to secure a work place, and decided that further action was necessary.”