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Japanese photographer seeks to show joy disabled children can bring families

Freelance photographer Maiko Kuzutani has been drawn to taking photos of disabled children with their loving parents for years — ever since the time in college when she was shocked to learn how many mothers in Japan choose to abort children with disabilities such as Down syndrome.

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“I want to live in the community”: A play about life of severely disabled woman in Japan to be performed in Tokyo

“A drama that looks back on the lives of women with severe disabilities, who have been working to help people with disabilities to live in the community, will held at the Kunitachi Arts Center in Kunitachi City, on December 11th. The drama is about a disabled woman and the many barriers that she has overcome and the actions she has taken to the government.”

Art Disability Japan

Embracing difference, Tokyo short film is a picture of inclusion

“The scene: Tokyo. The plot: an Australian fan of Shakespeare with Down syndrome who sets out on a solo adventure to discover the city and escape the watchful eyes of his domineering older brother.

“Shakespeare in Tokyo” is the latest film by Australian director Genevieve Clay-Smith, a project she says aimed to open doors for the inclusion of marginalized groups in the filmmaking process.”