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Kanagawa Prefecture to find Group Homes for disabled after Sagamihara

“Kanagawa Prefecture will independently fund Group Homes (GH) next year in order to advance a “regional shift” by which severely intellectually disabled people living in care home facilities can start using GH’s.”

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Fukushima finds records of sterilizations performed under eugenic law

“The Fukushima prefectural government had earlier told Kyodo News it held no such records but said Tuesday it had found the documents listing the names, ages and illnesses of 33 men and 87 women, of whom 68 were under 20 years old.

The documents included applications for surgeries and notices about the operations. All of the 120 are believed to have undergone sterilization without consent.”

Disability Eugenics Japan

Girls aged just 9 among hundreds of minors forced to be sterilized

“Of the 859 individuals, 320 were male and 535 were female. The gender and age of four individuals were not included. Among the males, 191 were minors. Among the females, 257 were minors.
In total, 745 individuals were listed as having genetic intellectual disabilities.
According to a citizens group seeking an apology from the government, 16,500 or so individuals across Japan underwent forced sterilization.”