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Second lawsuit eyed against government over eugenics law, as records in 13 prefectures show sterilizations of children aged 15 and below

“A Hokkaido man in his 70s plans to file a lawsuit seeking damages from the government over his forced sterilization at around age 20 under the 1948 eugenic protection law, sources said Thursday, as a related investigation unearthed documents showing children aged 15 and below — including one as young as 9 — were also sterilized under the law.”


日本における強制滅菌に関する障害者差別に関する情報の要請/ A Request for information about discrimination against disabled people regarding forced sterilization in Japan

私はこのような「滅菌」操作を行ったかもしれない日本で働く医者にインタビューすることができればいいと思う。面接官は匿名であろう。 I wish I could interview a physician working in Japan that may have preformed such ‘sterilization’ operations. the intervieweeContinue Reading