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Disability Eugenics Forced Sterilization Japan Sagamihara

Japan’s Dark History Of Persecuting The Disabled [Video]

“Japan’s Disability Shame: Soon after the end of the Second World War, the Japanese government began a program of forced sterilisation of its disabled population in an attempt to manage the country’s repopulation efforts. From there, a longstanding and pernicious stigma endured to the present day, where the disabled are openly shunned in society, and treated as a shameful taboo.”

Disability Eugenics Forced Sterilization Japan

Kobe District Court hears first arguments over two couples ‘still suffering’ after forced sterilization

Plaintiffs are acting names of both Mr. Takaji Kobayashi (86) and Ms. Kimiko (86) in Akashi-shi, Aichi Prefecture, and Tatsuo Takao and Mrs. Namie in their 70s living in the prefecture. In September this year, two pairs have filed a lawsuit as the deaf blockers for the first time.

In the court of the day, Mr. Takaru appealed in sign language that “My dream of giving birth to a child was cut off, I regretted my teeth had been feeling frustrated.”

According to the complaint, Mr. and Mrs. Kobayashi were aborted and sterilized without explanation immediately after marriage for 60 years. Mr. and Mrs. Takao were infertile surgery without explanation just before marriage in 1968.

The plaintiffs allege that the Constitution guaranteed by the old law infringed the right to pursue happiness and reproductive rights (sexual and reproductive rights).

Over the old law, a total of 15 people have filed suit in six nationwide districts so far. Discrimination has already begun in Tokyo, Sendai, Osaka etc.

Disability Eugenics Forced Sterilization Japan

Man goes public in fight against gov’t over forced sterilization operation

“The 75-year-old man, now using the name of Saburo Kita is the fifth defendant to reveal his face among 13 who are suing the government over the sterilization procedure under the old law, and is a joint representative of a victims’ organization. The third hearing of his damages trial is scheduled to take place at the Tokyo District Court on Dec. 20.”