Chūbu region of Japan has a shortage helpers for the disabled

From The Chunichi Shimbun

August 3rd 2018

There are cases where welfare offices in Ishikawa prefecture cannot respond to the needs of users of helpers due to lack of guide helpers that support the mentally handicapped persons going out. The prefecture hopes to concentrate on weekends and so on. There are circumstances that there are not a few helpers who have different jobs such as group home staff.

The guide or helper goes out on a train or bus with a person with disabilities and helps communication on the go. Because there is assistance such as a toilet, it is basic that a helper of the same sex as a user corresponds. Usage is often on weekends and evening on weekends and sundays where people with disabilities do not attend school or workplace.

Yukari Katsuta, President of NPO Support Station Waku Waku (Waku Waku) (Kanazawa City Nagare Wall) who conducts a mobility support project with a helper, said, “There are few helpers for the users, we ask them to reduce the number of days of use, change the time they want because we no cannot give it.”

In addition to a helper dispatch, a social welfare corporation that is responsible for in-home care, etc. Kanazawa Parent’s Association Hikozo Nozomi-en (Kanazawa City, Hikozumi-cho) has a group of 75 applicants who wish to use helper, Seventeen men and seven females stay. “Limited because it responds to about 30 people in a month,” said Hiroinobu Nagabayashi, the service provider, sighs.

Kanazawa municipal welfare division also received messages saying “I can not use it as expected”. There are no statistics on the number of helpers, but the movement support projects including the body and mentally handicapped persons are handled by the 65 business sites as of fiscal year 177, and used by 780 people. Usage will increase in the future.

The sixteen centers in each city, Kanazawa, Komatsu, Hakusan and Uchinada make “Prefecture Guide Help Service Liaison Committee” and are devising measures to shortage helper. Mr. Katsuta, the president, said: “Outing is a step in self-reliance, the number of people familiar with the area increases, a warm human relationship is born, mobility support complains that the disabled people need to live in the area.”

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