Disability groups questions Sagamihara accused’s ‘unique’ ideas on eugenics

Written with extracts From The Tokyo Shimbun

August 2nd 2018

Around two years since the incident that the nineteen people with disabilities were killed in the intellectual disabled facility “Mt. Tsukui Yamayuri Garden” in the Midori Ward of ​​Sagamihara City, disability groups in the prefecture, on July 20th submitted an appeal sentence to the prefecture, adopted at the “Kanagawa Assembly Thinking about a Society That Together”, held in Yokohama-shi Kanagawa-ku on the 8th.

In the appeal sentence, it is remarked that the incident highlighted that “the disabled people are not worth living” due to the idea of eugenic thought. The disability groups point out that this is not a thought unique to the accused in the Sagamihara massacre, Satoshi Uematsu:

“There was once the eugenic protection law in Japan too”

Mr. Jiro Suzuki (62), chairperson of the assembly committee, said, “The realization of a harmonious society regardless of the presence or absence of a disability is a preparedness to fight the thought that sleeps at the base of society, I want you to take heavy the appeal sentence.”

The prefecture’s Kawakana Katsuyoshi welfare director responded, “We will work on listening to your opinions without weathering the lesson of the incident.”

In the subsequent exchanges of opinions, attendees said that “the fact that victims of the incident can not afford real names is because there is discrimination in society” “Disabled discrimination regulations prohibiting discrimination against discrimination against disability discrimination law I want it, “a voice came out. Mr. Kawana said, “First of all, I’d like to make efforts to disseminate the” Kanagawa Charter of Living Society “(declared to exclude prejudice and discrimination).”

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