Tokyo social welfare group is singing to eliminate discrimination against the disabled

From The Mainichi Shimbun

July 31st 2018

In order to eliminate discrimination and abuse incidents occurring in disabled facilities, a social welfare corporation in Hino City, Tokyo, created love songs “everyone are important people” who convey the importance of dignity and independence of persons with disabilities. It was made in response to a case of a disabled facility killing in Sagamihara city two years ago. The stakeholders said “I would like you to help support the rights of people with disabilities.”

Planning the production is Hiroshi Yuguchi, president of the social welfare corporation “Yume Fusen” who manages facilities for disabled people. In July 2016, a man of former facility staff in a welfare facility for intellectually disabled people in Sagamihara city was shocked by the incident that 19 people were stabbed. “We do not necessarily understand the importance of protecting the rights and dignity of persons with disabilities even for facility staff,” he said.

Many of the facility, including the facility run by the same corporation, only it listed the “management policy” and “philosophy” that defines the way of support or posted on the website or overhang to “facilities, to the blood and meat of staff I felt that it was not “. In such a case, I saw a TV program introducing companies that are singing a bright corporate song, “I think that singing, I think that staff and users can enjoy the important ideals in mind while enjoying it.”

In songwriting, we examine the management policy and philosophy of about 20 disabled facilities in the whole country through the website etc and extract common terms such as “social participation” and “independence”. Easy to understand like everyday conversation “Everyone together” “by your own power” replaced with words.

Composition and songs were handled by Mr. SIO (49), a male singer from Hino City. SIO himself also volunteered and had experience in supporting disabled people. With awareness of friendly songs, I wish for “I want you to think of the disabled people I have met so far and deepen social participation and exchange.”

On June 27, we released a song completed at “Yume Fusen” facility. Approximately 110 users and staffs sang with their voices. Taku Kadowaki (26) who uses the facility said, “If you understand people with disabilities through songs, I do not think events like Sagamihara will happen.”

We will produce 1000 CDs of “everyone’s important friends” and distribute it to applicants free of charge. For inquiries phone (042 · 587 · 8630).

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