Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo to increase ‘consultation windows’ for the elderly and people with disabilities

Written with extracts from Nikkei

June 25th 2018

Tokyo’s Shinagawa Ward will expand the number of ‘consultation windows’ for persons with disabilities and disability welfare services. There are three consultation centers for people with disabilities in the present district, but it will be made possible for 20 elderly care assistance centers to respond to 20 elderly people. To prepare for rapid aging, prepare an environment where people with disabilities can consult at familiar places.

It is unusual for nationwide elderly people to operate the window for disabled persons at the elderly nursing care support center that takes care of nursing care.

Details such as the system of counselors by March next year and increase consultation bases sequentially after FY 2019, will be clarified. It is the plan to post about 12 million yen in the draft supplementary budget submitted to the Congress in June.

Currently, inquiries concerning elderly people’s livelihoods and nursing care insurance services are accepted at the elderly nursing care support center, and they do not address the disabled’s consultation. For this reason, when the family has both elderly people and persons with disabilities, they must go to separate consultation bases. Enhance convenience by allowing one-stop consultation.

The proportion of people over 65 in the city population is 22.7% in 15 years, exceeding 21% which is the criteria of super aged society. In 25 years the baby-boomer generation will reach 75 years old, the proportion will be 23.3%. Shinagawa Ward said, “Based on the increase in elderly people with disabilities such as dementia, we will enrich our consultation base.”

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