Oita Prefecture disabled people “think about the weight of a life” as the 2nd Anniversary of Sagamihara massacre nears

From the Oita Press

June 26th 2018

A group organized by disabled people and supporters “The party to create Oita Prefecture where everyone can live in peace” will hold a symposium “Think about the weight of life” from 2 pm on October 30 2018 at the Compa Hall in Oita city. It is free and open to all to participate.

The organization will hold a symposium on the theme of the killing that occurred in the disabled facilities of Sagamihara City in the two years ago . The killer disregarded persons with disabilities as to “not to allow selection of life”.

Criticized as “a severe discrimination act trampling on the dignity of human beings” concerning the problem of infertile operations repeated by disabled people under the former eugenic protection law (1948-96). In May this year, It was requested that the prefecture to set up a third-party committee to examine actual conditions and consider countermeasures.

In this symposium, four people, disabled people, parents, and supporters, will opinions. Consider the problem of life and the way of society. For inquiries to the secretariat (TEL 097 · 513 · 2313)

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