Retired Sagamihara based ramen shop owner with ALS starts NPO for disabled children

Written with extracts from The Mainichi Shimbun

June 24th 2018

NPO “Team Asanumiya for Children and ALS” was established by Kazuya Asanuma (51), a former ramen shop owner with “amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)”, was held on Saturday, He organized an event where people with disabilities and local companies aimed to work together through a love of ramen.

Mr. Asanuma who was operating a ramen shop has been diagnosed with ALS in August 2016, and since last autumn he has been acting ramen to children in a child care facility about once month, with the help of classmates. Last month with the corporation of NPO,support for disabled people and ALS education began.

Approximately 35 people including “CFP” users who support employment for the disabled in the city participate in the event. We acted with ramen cooperated with Mr. Asanuma for several companies including IT companies and volunteers. A woman (22) said , “It was fun to arrange on your own, there were several kinds of ramen juice and it was full-fledged” anyhow. Mr. Asanuma said, “Everyone seemed to be having fun, so it would be nice if it would lead to employment.”

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