Newspaper deletes articles and apologizes for suggesting ‘Shinkansen stabber’ is autistic

Written with extracts From BIGLOBE via Nicovideo

The Mainichi Shimbun reported the from the uncle of the suspect in about the case of attempted killing of 3 people (2 women and 1 man, the man later died of his wounds) on the Tokaido Shinkansen bullet train line, and the headline “is the suspect autistic?” was used In this expression, giving the impression that the autism is the cause of the crime successively, the Mainichi Newspaper corrected the headline and apologized on 11th.

In describing the background of the suspect in the case The Mainichi Shimbun reported using the headline “Shinkansen killing: suspect has autism,” going on a journey “and going out in January at home”. In the text of the article, as port of his uncle’s account, it was stated that “he was diagnosed with autism and was hospitalized in Okazaki city in last February and March” and that his uncle stated, ” I would come his room on the second floor He was touching a personal computer “.

In the heading of this article, criticism was made about “linking autism and social maladjustment / crime”, “autism – a report that may give an impression of danger” followed one after another, while ”

There was also a controversy brought by the someone saying on Twitter that “this is an excessive reaction”. In response to this, the Mainichi Shimbun deleted the part of the headline read “Is suspect is autistic?” And later on the text said he was diagnosed with autism in the text hospitalized. On 11th apologized on Twitter “We were wrong about the developmental disorder in the case of the Shinkansen killing, We apologize and shall delete the tweet.”

NHK also posted on 10th, “Grandmother and his uncle living together with a suspect in a car crash in a bullet train” and as part of uncle’s story, “The person himself was autistic and suicidal desire was strong”. Regarding this some asked “Is the uncle just saying of autism, that there is a causal relationship between this aggression and autism?”. Others made comments such as ‘d like people to refrain from writing impressions like “criminal reserve counties [sic]”

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