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Forced Sterilization: “I do not know what was done”

“I'd like you to listen carefully to the stakeholders' story that discriminatory sterilization has been performed"

Written with extracts from The Mainichi Shimbun

June 2nd 2018

Kazumi Shishido (81), a hearing-impaired person living in the Tokyo metropolitan area, met with a one-day press conference on the issue of sterilization to people with disabilities under the former eugenic protection law (1948-96), and the circumstances were also over 50 years ago I testified through sign language that I had been forced to do surgery in Sendai City without their knowledge

It is unusual for hearing impaired people to announce their real name and complain about the damage. Shishido said, “I want an apology from the country I feel like I want compensation.” Shishido was responding to a press conference at the Tokyo Federation of Deaf people in Shibuya.

Shishido was born in Marumorimachi, Miyagi prefecture and could not hear and went to a prefectural Deaf school in Sendai. Shishido was taken to a hospital near the school he attended by their father and teacher. A friend also underwent surgery together, but at this time he says, “I did not say anything and I did not know what to do.”

Shishido spent about a week at the school dorm until pain in the lower abdomen subsided. He said that he noticed what he was doing at a later date, looking at the seniors sign language.

Shishido went to Tokyo after graduating in 1961 and married a woman from the same school in 5 years. During that relationship he confessed that “having children may not be something I am able to do”.

At the end of March, the All Japan Deaf Federation (Tokyo) started investigating the status of sterilization surgery for the hearing impaired. Mr. Shishido learned of this problem in the newspaper issued by the Federation and strengthened his thought that he was “the same as myself.”

The Federation of Hearing Impaired people sent fax calling for investigation to about 120 members in their 70s and over. Pictures showing examples of being tricked into fraudulent acts such as “medical examination for marriage”, “cecal surgery”, etc. were also drawn, Shishido also received this fax and brought in.

According to the metropolitan federation, Shishido is currently the only person to testify that he underwent surgery. Four other people are talking about the damage done with friends and relatives speaking on their behalf. Hideo Yamaguchi, senior director who was present at the press conference, said, “”I’d like you to listen carefully to the stakeholders’ story that discriminatory sterilization has been performed”

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