Kumamoto woman had “Infertility surgery without having a disability”

Written with extracts from The Kumamoto Daily News

June 4th 2018

Under the former eugenic protection law (1948-96), disabled people were forced to perform sterilization surgery, and a woman in Kumamoto city is seeking damages and has given notice of her intention to file a complaint in the Kumamoto district court; having undergone surgery without having a disorder.

Naomi Matsumura said at a lecture meeting about forced sterilization surgery held at Kumamoto Gakuen University in Chuo Ward, Kumamoto

According to Matsumura, a woman was pregnant. with a first child at her 20’s. When she visited an obstetrics and gynecology department, the doctor told that “the fetus does not grow up properly” and said that she had to undergone an abortion and an operation to bind the Fallopian tubes. The woman had no disability. The woman says that she was talking “because she was young, she dd what doctors the said.”

Under the old law, it is also clear that the government and municipalities have promoted infertile surgery. Mr. Matsumura said, “Women’s surgery is considered to be an abuse of the old law, it may have been used to increase the number of surgeries.”

Infertile surgery for persons with no obstacles, a man in his 70s in Tokyo met with the Tokyo District Court in May, forcing sterilization at a child institution in Miyagi prefecture when he was 14 years old.

Koji Niimori (Sendai City), co-chairperson of the National Defense Law Commission sponsored by the prefectural Buraku Rakusho Research Association (Chairman / Masayoshi Hanada Kumamoto Gakuen University) stated, “The victim speaks and tells the facts, It will be a great force to change society. ” About 150 people with disabilities listened.

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