Boulangerie and café ran by disabled people opens in Kyoto

Written with extracts from The Kyoto Shimbun

May 7th 2018

A café & boulangerie called “Furatto” where disabled people both make and sell the bread oprned on 7th May in Daimo Tatsumi-cho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto City.

About 50 kinds of authentic breads made with craftsmen’s guidance are features, “I want to make it a place where anyone can casually stop by casually.”

It is operated by “Kyoto City Daigo Gakuen” which tackles employment support for persons with disabilities . Until now, the school has sold confectionery such as donuts as its main products, but mainly on wholesale to college cooperatives and supermarkets, there were few opportunities to sit down and eat slowly. Hisako Terako said, “I wanted a place to be in contact with the local residents so that users could have a consciousness of” Working in this place “.

While searching the site, you can acquire adjacent land, and build a new facility as a garden. We set up a kitchen and a cafe on the first floor and prepared for the opening.

It was warmly decorated with wood from the prefecture, and also provided a terrace seat. Bread of 100 yen range is the center, offering 500 yen lunch with homemade non-additive soup and hot sandwich.

In addition to working on the division and molding of bread dough together with craftsmen, the user handles a wide range of tasks such as packaging and customer service. Mr. Konni Imanishi (37) said, “I’m worried whether I can successfully calculate cashiers, but I’d like to do a customer service so I’d like to work hard to find a job.”

Business hours are from 10 am to 4 pm on weekdays. Flat 075 (571) 7216.

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