‘Masked Girls’ idol speaks about her paralysis

Written with extracts from Yahoo! Japan

May 7th 2018

‘Masked Girls’ idol Tomoka Igari became “paralysis of both lower limbs due to spinal cord injury”, and it is learned that it will be a life in a wheelchair in the future on July 7. Inokari revealed in my blog. Inoku became the underlay of a signboard that fell down in the strong wind in April and was in the hospital.

In the official Twitter of the masked girls, “It is difficult to move my leg under her own power, although it is also a masking girl’s Inokari that was in the accident that the signboard collapsed under the strong wind and became the underlay, but it is” Inferior paralysis due to spinal cord injury ” It will be a life in a wheelchair. ” “I will continue to act as a masked girl after I leave the hospital and I will support the office as well…”

Inokari also updated her blog. “I have not been able to walk even by walking, of course I can not even move my legs with my own power.The possibility of curing is extremely low and I have been forced to live in a wheelchair in the future,” he said. I am gradually improving my physical condition and injury, now I am rehabilitating everyday so that I can live a self-sustaining wheelchair life.The discharge is planned three months from now. “He says he is performing rehabilitation to get used to wheelchair life .

Speaking of sudden wheelchair life “I myself took a considerable amount of time to grasp and accept the situation”, “I was thinking about such things that I did not know what to tell the fans about what to do, I was not able to summarize it in sentences, and my report was delayed. “I apologize to the fans.

By being a wheelchair living, I gave up saying “I despaired” about future activities, but with the encouragement from the surrounding people and fans, “I imagine the activities as a wheelchair’s Inokuku Taka Naturally “I had myself spelled out,” Even when my legs did not move, there were many things I wanted to do while riding a wheelchair, “firmly looking forward.

“I’d like to write lyrics for masked girls” “I would like to talk about radio, lecture, chair, etc.” “I would like to continue to support the Saitama Seibu Lions as long as I live, I want to do baseball work…I want to write a notebook, I am looking forward, and do not worry anymore “.

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