Niigata Prefecture board of Education investigates the possibility that an employee, a disabled woman died due to over-work.

From The Mainichi Shimbun

April 25th 2018

It can not be said that disabilities and causes of death are clearly related. “” For the protection of privacy. ” But a 42-year-old woman who worked for the Niigata prefectural board of education (then aged 42) who was suffering from the intractable disease “osteogenesis imperfecta” and died in January after having worked for a long time, and her cause death was investigated.

Members of an independent committee explained at the press conference after the report was released on 24th the reason why the fact of disability was made undisclosed. I was dismissed as “I have not examined it from that point of view” as to whether there was consideration for persons with disabilities based on the Employment Promotion Act for Persons with Disabilities. The reluctance to investigate the obstacle was highlighted.

The Employment Promotion Act for Persons with Disabilities stipulates to employers that “necessary measures must be taken in consideration of the characteristics of disability”. Yukihiro Ikeda, the education chief who received the survey report from the third-party committee, asks whether the prefecture had taken reasonable consideration to women, said, “I will refrain from the question of disabled people” as the reason Refused reply to. “In general, I think that it is necessary to pay attention to commuting and overtime work while looking at the individual (disability) situation,” “long hours work (over 1000 hours) I have to reflect on what I have done (as a prefectural board of education). ”

In the prefectural board of education, male officials were forced to work overtime of about 128 hours in the maximum month in 2002, their own lives were cut off, and they were accredited as official disaster. From the bereaved families are saying “We have not been used to prevent recurrence,” and the voice of anger is rising.

Education chief Ikeda stated, “I tried to improve, but as a result this incident happened,” he said. “I would like to revise the proposed improvement again.”

Tetsuya Taira (former lawyer president) also said at a press conference, “If it is asked about the possibility that lack of consideration for disability caused death, it does not mean that it did not become a load (for the disabled), it is hard to answer” I spent a word. The third-party committee stated that the report clarified the factual condition of women’s work and the background, and is “under investigation on the causal relation with death.”

The third party committee pointed out that the “high absolute amount of work” of the high school education section which the woman belonged was large. He pointed out that management of working hours was inadequate.

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