Fukuoka facility for disabled people shut down after incidents of suspected abuse

From The Asahi Shimbun

April 22nd 2018

A director of a ‘work transfer transition support office’ that conducts vocational training for persons with disabilities in Kurume city in Fukuoka Prefecture after it was found he acted indecently against female clients of the facility at the end of last year, committing actions from breach of the Comprehensive Support Law for Persons with Disabilities.

Women with disabilities in 20’s attended this establishment since last summer in order to obtain a job in the cooking industry.

The women were allegedly touched by the male director, aged 40 in a hotel. A woman discovered this after consulting with the municipality in the southern part of the same prefecture where he lives last year. The municipality interviewed the facility based on the Act on the Prevention of Abuse of Persons with Disabilities and judged that there was sexual abuse. Kurume city is investigating whether there was no problem with abuse prevention measure and management system.

The operating company shut down the facility on the 20th and the director is retiring.

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