Incidents of alleged abuse and fraud prompts Himeji city to suspend some disability welfare services

Huffington Post Japan from a report provided by The Asahi Newspaper Company and extracts from The Mainichi

April 21st 2018

Himeji City, Hyogo

The Himeji Municipal Government announced on April 20 it was suspending the business qualifications of Himeji-based Minoru Co., operator of Group Home Minoru in the city. Minoru notified the city of the discontinuation of its business on April 6. The suspension of the company’s right to do business will last six months.

The municipal government announced that the disabled welfare service company “Fruit” was in breach of the Comprehensive Support Law of Persons with Disabilities. In addition, Himeji city revoked the business designation because there was evidence of fraud at another facility operated by the company.

According to the municipal government, three women with intellectual disabilities were residing at the home. In March 2016, the operator’s president Chikako Muroi allegedly forced a woman in her 20s to wear a card saying ‘I’m a liar’ at all times other than when she was sleeping and bathing, and also confiscated her portable music player for more than a year.

Furthermore, some residents were told “if you do not eat in time, you can not have a meal” or “you will not get pajamas if it does not come on time.” Prior to the disposal, the facility submitted a discontinuation notification of the project on June 6.

The abuse was uncovered during a regular on-the-job instruction session the municipal government provided to the home in July 2016.

Muroi was quoted as telling the municipal government, “I put the card on the woman with her consent. I did it to prevent her from troubling others, as she continued to lie despite being warned.” The woman, however, was quoted as saying, “I hated it.”

Minoru Co. was founded in 2006, and Group Home Minoru was officially certified as a provider of care for the disabled in 2015.

In addition, another living care workplace “club (can) do (do)” operated by “fruit” also contract documents with a doctor to hide that the doctor placement standard of the facility is not met The city decided to cancel business designation as of May 1, saying that he was for forging and submitting it, or receiving nursing care benefit expenses incorrectly.

In July 2004, when the city entered the field guidance of both facilities, the city began investigating because there was no evidence that the doctor worked. It is said to have grasped a series of problems through on-the-spot surveys and listening to staff and users.

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