Two years on disabled continue to feel aftereffects from the Kumamoto earthquake

Written with extracts from the Kobe Shimbun

April 14th 2018

It was found by the interview with the affected municipalities, etc. that at least 29 people became ‘registered disabled’ since the Kumamoto earthquake in 2016. people with disasters became obvious for the first time in the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake.

An NPO corporation in Kobe that supports the parties said that “notebook acquisition is limited to people who can read the influence of the earthquake due to a medical certificate at the time of application.” While two days from the foreshock of the Kumamoto earthquake on 14th, the hospital and the administration will share information and appeal the necessity to grasp the actual condition. Such instances of ‘disaster created disabilities’ became apparent after the ‘Great Awaji-Hanshin’ or Kobe earthquake of 1995.

The NPO corporation in Kobe that supports the parties said that being registered as disabled “is limited to people who can read the influence of the earthquake due to a medical certificate at the time of application.”

According to Kumamoto prefecture and Kumamoto city. Nine people were physically injured and acquired a disability, and their limbs were amputated after buildings collapsed , 20 suffered mental illness such as depression and suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) .

However, the cause is not always written in the findings column of the doctor, and the person in charge in the prefecture will say “it is difficult to grasp the actual condition completely (from the application for disability application)

In addition, Kumamoto City supports 23 people who revived the disabled persons handbook from the regional support staff of each district by watching over and visiting activities, but Hideki Maki, director of NPO corporation “Hanshin Awaji Great Earthquake Consultation Room” (Kobe City) Long (68) said that “There is a temperature difference between municipalities in response.”

This situation also applies to the affected areas of the Great East Japan Earthquake. In the 14 prefectures 4 government ordinance cities where seriously injured persons were found, only 113 people studied by the three prefectures of Iwate, Miyagi, Fukushima and Sendai City are grasping as disabled persons due to the disaster. Other municipalities excluding Chiba prefecture that “no applicable person” are doing even the survey. In Hanshin Awaji where 16,83 people were seriously injured, Hyogo Prefecture and Kobe City embarked on a joint survey 15 years later, and 349 people with earthquake disaster were found out. The prefecture establishes a special window in 2013 and responds to acquisition of handbook for persons with disabilities and pension advice etc.

Meanwhile, there is no movement to set up windows in afflicted municipalities in eastern Japan. “I do not need to distinguish it from other people with disabilities due to the earthquake disaster” (Iwate Prefecture), such as the majority of municipalities that respond with conventional welfare services.

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare informed the prefectures and others in March, in order to grasp the disabled people of disaster to be meaningful to support the victims, in March last year, to set options for “natural disasters” in the cause column of application documents for handicapped persons. In Kumamoto, East Japan, Hanshin-Awaji-affected areas, most municipalities have changed or are planning to change their style, but the Tokyo metropolitan government will not change it as “it can not judge whether it is beneficial”.

Maki said, “It is indispensable to grasp the actual situation as to what kind of support is to be considered, I would like the administration to turn more attention to the suffering of disabled people who continue to have aftereffects”

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