Hearing impaired people of Fukuoka seek compensation for forced sterilization

Written with extracts from The Mainichi Shimbun

April 13th 2018

As the former eugenic protection law (1948-96), sterilization surgery for people with disabilities, men in Fukuoka prefecture with hearing impairments are preparing to sue the Fukuoka District Court this year for compensation.

It was learned Thursday by an interview with the Fukuoka prefectural hearing impaired person association. According to the association, it seems that male in his 80s in Fukuoka city underwent sterilization operation that he did not desire, about 10 other people who may have undergone surgery are listening to the situation and it is expected to be a class complaint. This is the first time that hearing-impaired people will clarify the movement of litigation due to this problem.

Along with the nationwide survey of the All Japan Deaf Red Federation (Tokyo), the association has been investigating actual conditions since March this year. Around 100 people, including elderly couple without children, will investigate until late May and consult with lawyers to file a lawsuit.

According to the Association, a man who appears to have undergone undesired sterilization surgery was taken to a hospital in his twenties. There was no sign language interpreter at the time, and I underwent surgery while being told without fully understanding the contents. I got married after that, but I was blessed with my child.

The director general secretary Yosuke Ota said, “People who underwent surgery without their knowledge , they also seem to have undergone surgery knowing that they could not have a child.I want to investigate carefully,” he said. Although there will be times when there are strong prejudices against people with disabilities, it is natural right to make children, it is a crime by the country to deprive them, I want the country to think firmly. ”

For forced sterilization surgery, a 60-year-old woman in Miyagi prefecture who had surgery in January this year filed a lawsuit against the Sendai district court seeking compensation for the country as violating the Constitution guaranteeing individual dignity and self-determination rights . Preparations for litigation are in progress in Hokkaido and Tokyo.

The All Japan Deaf association started investigating the status of compulsory sterilization surgery from 47 prefectures in March and plans to publish results in June until May.

The Fukuoka prefectural hearing impaired person association (telephone 092, 582, 2414, fax 092, 582, 2419) receives consultation from hearing impaired in the prefecture which received infertile operation. 【Masahiro Hirakawa, Naoto Ishii】

The former eugenic protection law included “hereditary hearing loss or deaf” as well as hereditary mental illness as a disease targeted for sterilization surgery, but the actual state of surgery was unknown. From the movement towards the lawsuit against the country this time, the possibility that many hearing impaired persons were actually targeted emerged.

“People with hearing impairments are said to” I can not hear the baby’s crying “, and they have been prejudiced that they can not take responsibility for child rearing.”

As for himself, Yosuke Ota, secretary general of the Association for hearing impairment himself (59). Although he knew that the hearing impaired had sometimes undergone sterilization surgery for some time, he said, “There are circumstances of each household, it was not a topic that I could step forward and hear.” “The parties who underwent surgery can not be said in social prejudice, they were not regarded as human rights issues”

Professor Ichinokawaof Tokyo University Graduate School of Comprehensive Cultural Studies, who is familiar with the issues surrounding the law, said that “there are quite a few similar cases in the whole country and that research is necessary,” and “hearing-impaired people raised their children I think that it is impossible and relatives are “for the sake of the principle” and there is a case that the surgery was taken. It is necessary to be questioned not only the administration but also our understanding of disability.”

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