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Japan looks towards privatization to help the intellectually disabled

“A report released last month by the Study Group of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare over the idea of ​​the National Institute for Severe Intellectual Disabled People Nozomi's Garden (Takasaki City, Gumma Prefecture) said, "Roles focusing on business to be implemented as a nation "We also request privatization to be considered,””

Written with extracts from The Asahi Shimbun

April 15th 2018

A report released last month by the Study Group of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare over the idea of ​​the National Institute for Severe Intellectual Disabled People Nozomi’s Garden (Takasaki City, Gumma Prefecture) said, “Roles focusing on business to be implemented as a nation “We also request privatization to be considered,” said Hiroshi Endo (65) who is the former president of the National Nozomi Garden and was an observer of the review meeting (interviewed on 5th March before the retirement president).

From an Interview with Hiroshi Endo, former chairman of the National Nozomi Garden:

“There is an impression that management direction, including privatization, may also be possible, saying that priority is given to business as a national facility, there is an impression that the direction is becoming vague.If there is no survival, It is important to deepen the discussion whether it is necessary to have a national facility to support the lives and lives of some people and an independent administrative agency that conducts research and research on national facilities as the executing agency for national disability welfare measures. Of course there are cases where it is enough to leave it to a private facility with motivation and competence for disability welfare, but there are still a small number of such facilities and the quality of support varies.In advancing disability welfare administration,

The “Nozomi no Sono” is a nationwide working group that grasps the needs of people with intellectual disabilities precisely, disseminates support know-how and human resources training It has played the role of a combat force. To fulfill such a mission in the future, is operated by an independent administrative institution responsible for public business I think that it is appropriate. ”

“There is no need for a large-scale facility. Small-scale facilities are sufficient to have research and research to raise the quality of support and human resources training as a pillar of business, one of which is a person with remarkable behavioral disturbance, It is support for people who are difficult to support such as those with intellectual disabilities who have withdrawn orthodontic facilities.At last year we accepted 15 people with remarkable behavioral disorders and 32 withdrawal from orthodontic facilities with a term of about 2 years However, there is also a waiter and there is not enough incoming disposal.It is planned to increase to 78 people, 35 persons respectively in 5 years from 2006. I think that acceptance for a fixed term can become the center of business. It is a business that needs to be implemented from the public viewpoint.

It’s a business that can be profitable should be implemented by the private sector, and the fiscal structure that will normally be provided by the administrative expense subsidies, which normally will not be profitable and will be in deficit due to income and expenditure Has become Although discussion with a view to reducing personnel expenses is necessary, it is not an easy discussion of privatization but there is a problem in terms of profitability, but it is important how to implement necessary business with limited financial resources think”

The conversion to an independent administrative institution in 2003, we changed policy from “facility to area”, but still more than 200 people live. What will happen to residents in the future?

“It is necessary to fulfill the responsibility of support until the very end in consideration of the acceptance from all over the country that people who are heavily obstructive and can not find a place in society as” the end of the Tsumugi ” As one of the ways to fulfill, “I have been working on a regional shift where both my and my family is pleased”, I think that some people continue to live their lives due to the state of their own and the intentions of their parents etc. These people , I believe that support by the Nozomi garden is desirable until the end Even if it is supposed to consider options for private facilities other than the Nozomi garden or separating the management entity, ensure the quality of life now We should presuppose that the message is clearly conveyed that the country will continue to be responsible in order to do so.

It is a strength that there are clinics and research departments.

“The clinic plays a role as a home doctor of the residents of the facility It is not easy for local medical institutions to accept hospitalization for tenants with severe mental retardation and behavioral disorder from the parents We are also pleased to offer medical services to people with disabilities in the region.In particular with regard to the diagnosis and professional treatment of people with developmental disorders specialists and staff are placed and Gunma Prefecture and It is responsible for the function as a base in the neighboring area.The theme of the research is focused on things that can be utilized to improve the quality of the site including support for the elderly etc. We are putting emphasis on the training of staff, Over 800 people participated in the workshop for professional support of exits from correctional facilities to date Participation of seminars on new issues such as elderly people with intellectual disabilities and adults development Is up in the last five years to a total of about 3 thousand people. ”

A total of about 170 people have left the facility to move to the local lifestyle. But recently it has slowed down to around 5 per year.

“Aging and declining functions are progressing and half of the 200 inhabitants are wheelchair users. The number of people who need medical care also increases, and it is necessary to find suitable migration destination in the vicinity of the place of residence and their families Parents are also changing from parents to brothers, cousins, etc. It is difficult to obtain consent, but no one came to the facility they wanted from. Even though hurdles are getting higher year by year, There are some people who can move to the area, and if it is not possible to return to the place of origin, the group home in Takasaki city operated by the Nozomi garden There is also ”

Daily connection, if you strengthen

– How can we realize a society in which people with disabilities and those without disabilities live together?

“There are people who are puzzled when they come in contact with persons with disabilities, so it is not a pleasant environment to go out to the area.In Nozomi’s garden, local residents can also use” contact flavor garden “and everyone participates The festival that can be held is opened.The tenants of the Nozomi gardens are deepening exchanges by participating in local sports festivals and art festivals.The stabbing case of the disabled facility occurred in Sagamihara city two years ago, I realized that my understanding has not been reached.It can realize a symbiotic society that can be thought of so that people with disabilities can also live with confidence by strengthening ties with local communities on a daily basis I think that the facility can make a variety of contributions so that we want the disabled to blend into the everyday landscape as a natural city. “

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