A mother in Japan talks about discovering her son’s developmental disability

Written with extracts From The Yomiuri Online

April 11th 2018

My son was diagnosed as being autistic spectrum in early childhood when he was a 3rd grade elementary school student. I received this note:

“By knowing the characteristics of a son in early response to the diagnosis, we were able to be a parent without compared with other children, when the time to remove diapers, time begins to speak the language etc. Our son’s development will be unlike other children, it was completely different from childcare books.

I picked up the same meal for 365 days, I change clothes and shoes of the same maker by design, changing only the size. Although the characteristics of strong stubborn developmental disorders remain intact, the quality of life for my son has improved. I think that the current son is thanks to the people who took care of my son raised my son and me. ”

My child is now happily attending school, and he seems to be active in learning sports and musical instruments, too.

While respecting the point that the person himself sticks and can not change in any way, ensuring firm growth and favorite things firmly. If you do this thoroughly, the child will grow up bright and parents will be raised with confidence.

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