Disabled people in Okayama Prefecture out of work due to placement company bankruptcy

Written with extracts from The Sankei Shimbun

March 30th 2018

‘FILL’ (Kurashiki-shi, Okayama Prefecture), which operates a “work continuation support type A business establishment” where people with disabilities acquire skills while working, has been stalling management and dismissing about 170 people with disabilities, Kurashiki City In accordance with the Comprehensive Disabled Personnel Law, ‘FILL’ has issued an order for improvement to find a new places of employment for the disabled persons who were dismissed.

‘FILL’ asked the Okayama District Court to commence bankruptcy procedures the same day. According to a lawyer, the total liability is about 780 million yen.

The comprehensive support law for persons with disabilities stipulates that when a business operator abolishes a business, it provides convenience for persons with disabilities who wish to work continuously. Kurashiki Municipal Government issued a similar recommendation on the 15th, but because they were not able to secure a work place, and decided that further action was necessary.

‘FILL’ operated six business offices in Okayama and Hiroshima Prefecture, and users were doing minor work and input substitution of personal computers, but three business offices were closed at the end of February. On 15th March, it submitted a notification of the discontinuation of the three plants operated in Kurashiki city.

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