Japanese Government sets ‘Barrier Free’ goals for next 5 years

Written with extracts from The Mainichi Shimbun

March 31st 2018

The government decided on the “Basic Plan for the Fourth Persons with Disabilities” that sets the direction of policies for persons with disabilities for five years from FY 2018 at the Cabinet meeting on the 30th March.

Promoting a barrier-free transportation system, set a goal 100% accessibility at stations and bus terminals nationwide.

Taking a look at the 20-year Tokyo Paralympic Games in which people with disabilities visit from home and abroad, we also clearly stated the idea that “development of an easy-to-move environment and promotion of town development with consideration for persons with disabilities” will be promoted. Japan won no gold medals in the 16th summer season and three in the 18th winter season, and aims to win the highest number ever.

Barrier-free conversion of railway stations, bus terminals, airports, and so on was mentioned . More than 3,000 people use facilities everyday, and currently 87.2% of such facilities nationwide are accessible (FY 2004), it is hoped that that should be 100% by FY 20.

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