Former administrator of Saitama facility for the disabled receives suspended sentence for sexual assault charges

Edited Extracts from Reuters Japan

February 9th 2018

Former manager Kenji Osuka(75), who was charged with forced indecency for touching the body of a female staff member at a facility for the disabled, the Saitama District Court sentenced him to 9 years in prison calling him “sneaky criminal” Monday, a sentence suspended for five years.

The facility is called “Cosmos Earth” in Ageo-shi, Saitama Prefecture (renamed as Living Care and Saki). At that facility, last July 13, a male user (19) was left in a transfer wagon for about 6 hours, and there was an accident that he died of heat stroke. The defendant is said to have performed obscene acts during this time.

According to the ruling, on July 11 and 13 last year, he touched the breast and lower body of a 20 – year – old female official in the facility.

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