The Sagamihara stabbings accused’s ‘Manga’

On February 10th 2018 some news organizations in Japan reported drawings and cartoons made by the person accused of the ‘Sagamihara stabbings’ that occurred in July 2016. These drawings were made whilst the accused of that crime was detained and being investigated by the police, and as far as Barrier Free Japan knows, the accused remains detained.

The ‘manga’ the accused created has been widely re-produced, as has the accused’s name.

Barrier Free Japan appreciates that at the time of the accused’s arrest, the accused’s name and photograph was distributed widely by the media. However, now the accused is going through ‘pre-trial hearings’, the matter, as far as Barrier Free Japan is concerned, is now sub judice.

The accused has of course spoken to some journalists via letter and speaks often about disabled people, describing them as people who can cause ‘only misery’.

Barrier Free Japan shares this photo in this blog post as an example of the ‘Sagamihara stabbings’ accused’s ‘manga’ from the Yahoo Japan website.

Barrier Free Japan shall report what the accused says or what occurs in court , but never mention the accused’s name again until all legal proceedings are finally concluded. However, until all court proceedings are concluded regarding the accused it does not seem right to keep mentioning the accused’s name.

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