Kanagawa Prefecture to find Group Homes for disabled after Sagamihara

Extracts from The Mainichi Shimbun

February 7th 2018

Kanagawa Prefecture will independently fund Group Homes (GH) next year in order to advance a “regional shift” by which severely intellectually disabled people living in care home facilities can start using GH’s.

Launching a regional transition support measure. In the reconstruction of “Tsukui Yamayuri Garden”, a facility for disabled in Sagamihara City where a killing incident occurred, the same policy will be expanded across the prefecture in response to the decision to reduce the size of the facility to promote regional migration.

The related expenses of about 70 million yen were posted in the draft fiscal year 2018 initial budget. GH, which requires a staff allocation higher than the current status to accept disabled persons who enter the prefectural disabled welfare facility, aid of 1.55 million yen per year for each acceptance. In addition to issuing 5,000 yen a day for GH’s that accepts severely handicapped person, financial assistance will given to disabled people who are residents in GH’s to help with rent.

Regional transition was decided upon at intention of the disabled himself, and emphasis was placed on the process of “decision support” to promote the intention of the residents even in the reconstruction plan of the Yamayuri Park.

For this reason, support measures will also assist in the case of deploying multiple “counseling support experts” that have a wide range of projects that disseminate / enlighten decision support and work experience that is essential for decision support.

Although the philosophy of welfare for persons with disabilities “from facility to area” is expanding in recent years, due to GH ‘s talent shortage etc, region shifting is not proceeding as expected. According to the prefecture, among the 5053 residents in the prefecture at the end of FY 2001, there were 193 people shifted to the region by the end of FY 2004, which was a large opening with about 500 people set as targets. In particular, people with severe disabilities tend to remain in the facility.

The prefectural person in charge talks about support measures “If it becomes a camphor agent for regional shift promotion”.

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