Nara prefecture publishes reports on abuse of persons with disabilities for fiscal year 2016

From The Asahi Shimbun

February 5th 2018

Nara prefecture collected data and reported on the situation of disabled abuse within Nara prefecture for FY 2016. There were 81 reports and consultations on abuse received by the prefecture and municipalities (an increase of 23 cases from the previous year), which was the largest number since the prefecture started collecting data regarding abuse. 21 of them was certified as abuse.

Nara prefecture reported on what the prefecture and municipalities accepted based on the Act on the Prevention of Abuse of Persons with Disabilities. Looking at 21 cases by type (with duplication), 14 cases of physical abuse such as violence, 4 psychological cruelty such as abusive, 3 economic abuse such as using property without permission, abandonment · neglect (Neglect) 2, sexual abuse 1 case.

16 cases of abuses were by carers such as families, and 4 cases of abuse by employers hiring disabled people. One case of abuse in welfare facilities was sexual abuse by the instructor. Nara prefecture guided this facility and accepted the improvement plan.

Regarding the fact that the total number of receipts has increased, the person in charge of the prefectural disability welfare section stated that “With staff of welfare facilities, persons in charge of municipalities, workshops for the general public, and what is abusing, if understanding is spreading You see. “I would like to respond in tandem with municipalities in the future.”

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