The ‘Japan Society for the Prevention of Abuse of Citizens of Persons with Disabilities Meets in Tokyo’ for the first time

From NHK

December 17th 2017

The first meeting of the “Japan Society for the Prevention of Abuse of Citizens of Persons with Disabilities” was held in Tokyo; it was established to protect persons with disabilities from abuse, and to recommend policy to the national government regarding ways of training staff that look after disabled people.

Academic societies were established due to the abuses carried out against people with disabilities at facilities and homes and similar institutions. On December 17th, the first meeting held in Tokyo was attended by more than 160 people including welfare experts for persons with disabilities. A panel discussion was held in the afternoon, Atsuko Kubo, president of Atsuko Kubo, a group that advocates for the mentally handicapped and their families – the “National Association of Leadership Training Associations” – said, “People with disabilities can not explain the damage themselves or the story is not trusted I will continue to receive abuse and I want you to understand the characteristics of the obstacles and listen to the story. ” Also, the president of a disabled facility in Osaka said, “In addition to making a mechanism to allow external eyes to enter the facility, we should report to local governments the acts suspected of abuse even if there is no awareness of the damage to people with disabilities.” It was. Only the abuse of 3154 people were abused for the financial year 2015 could be confirmed; and the panel we proposed that the national government offer training to those working at facilities for the disabled in conjunction with local government authorities.

Satoko Koyama, Chairman of the Association, said, “We would like to disseminate and propagate ways for employees and their families to harbor the will of the disabled and prevent abuse.”.

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