Tokyo Metropolitan Government to enforce ordinances to eliminate discrimination against people with disabilities in time for 2020 Paralympics

From NHK

December 19th 2017

Anticipating the Tokyo Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games in three years, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government will consider the idea of ​​an ordinance to eliminate discrimination against persons with disabilities, including the publication of the name of the business when the business is discriminating against disabled people or being non-inclusive, and such ordinances will be enforced from next October.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government aims to establish an ordinance to deepen the understanding of persons with disabilities and to eliminate discrimination in anticipation of the Tokyo convention after three years, and in March this year, a panel of experts such as disabled people and university professors We examined the contents by establishing, and summarized the idea of ​​the ordinance for the time being.

Specifically, it positions sign language as “language” and requests the city to make efforts to disseminate it, the capital will appoint a special counselor to respond claims of discrimination from persons with disabilities and businesses, a committee will be established to mediate claims of discrimination. Furthermore, if there are claims of repeated discrimination by businesses not obeying the recommendation by the committee dealing with discrimination claims, the city may publicize the name of the business.

The Metropolitan Government will conduct a public consultation for about a month from 20th and after hearing the opinions of the citizens, submit a draft regulation to the city council of June next year and aim for enforcement from October of 2018.

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