Suspended sentences for Utsunomiya care home workers found guilty of assaulting disabled resident

From NHK

December 8th 2017

Utsunomiya District Court – In a trial against former employees of a facility accused of injuries and other charges, including assaulting a man with intellectual disability at facility for the disabled in Utsunomiya City it was said, “The crime was done unilaterally to a non-resistant victim ,” and those convicted were given a suspended sentence.
Akiko Matsumoto (25), a former employee of Utsunomiya City’s disabled support facility “Bi Bright”, and Oki Sato (22), who were working at the facility in April, assaulted a man causing serious injury.

Matsumoto was also charged with  assault for hitting a resident at another facility in the face.

Makoto Shibata of the Utsunomiya District Court ruled on the 8th December 2017 that “The crime was unilaterally carried out one time to the victim of the nonresistance, and it could have serious danger to life.”

“The defendant who was not able to know about of the nature of their disability was unable to suppress their increased emotion,” Matsumoto was sentenced to two years and four months imprisonment, suspended for four years , Sato was sentence to two years, suspended for four year.

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