Disability Discrimination Japan Sagamihara

Sagamihara Incident: “Many people agreed with the perpetrator on the net, it was painful”

From Kyarikonenyūsu (in Japanese)

December 7th 2017

The Disabled Personnel Research Institute announced the results of December 6, of the survey  “Questionnaire Survey on Discrimination and Prejudice of Persons with Disabilities” The survey was conducted on the Internet in August this year and received responses from 326 people with disabilities.

In July of last year, 19 residents of facility for the disabled in Sagamihara city were killed.  Regarding the case, former employee Satoshi Uematsu stated that he had stated that “people with disabilities can not be withdrawn”. According to the survey, 86% of persons with disabilities answered that they were “very interested” or “I was looking at it a little”.

In particular, many people were told that the suspects who said that “disabled people are unnecessary” were touched by the anonymous net users and their heartbreaks were painful “(women in their twenties / psychiatric disorders)  “For me who is benefiting from taxation, it seems that what the culprit was talking about is told himself” (Male in his 50swith a physical disability)

“We are terrible, it is too bad, we with disabilities are living desperately everyday, I thought it was impossible to kill at all.” (Male in twenties with a intellectual disorder)

 Others also said that “I realized again that there is a society where people with disabilities can not deal with a single human being” (woman in her 50s with a  physical disability).

 59% of respondents say that they often experience discrimination and prejudice in their daily lives “frequently” and “sometimes feel” Highest discrimination in the workplace

 When I heard places that actually received discrimination and prejudice, the “workplace” (56%) was the most common.  In particular, “My LD (learning disabilities), was not understood  I returned home at work or I was told to die” (Women in their 40s with mental disorders)

“The handling at the office became sloppy due to a lot of careless mistakes and eventually it was dismissed” (women in their twenties with mental disorders)

 and so on.  Even if it is adopted for disabled employment, some people say that “The accepting department is not positive for disabled employment, and the contract has been expired in one year after being told verbal” (40s female and has a disability).

Second place is “public transportation” (30%). A 50-year-old man with visual impairment was told that when sitting on a train without knowing where the priority seat is, “people with bad physical condition should sit in priority seat.”

Also, “As you look healthy, you are assumed to be healthy, so when you use a multipurpose restroom or priority seat, you can see it with strange eyes, and in fact it is often said that” healthy people do not use here! ” It became a bruise in my heart, I will be worried every time since that “(woman in her 30s with a mental disorder)

A voice was also sent out.  After the third place, “Internet” (18%), “Facility use” (16%), “School” (10%) follow.  However, even if it receives discrimination and prejudice, “people who are not consulting to anyone” (47%) are the most common. When asking what kind of things are necessary to realize a society without discrimination and prejudice, many people said that “I do not understand at all”, “discrimination and prejudice will never go away”.  But “Improvement of the environment that can be touched with people with disabilities since childhood” (Male in his 30s / mental disorder)  “However, if you become a society that can feel as if you can help even a little while in trouble” (Woman in her 40’s with a physical disability).

 Many people cited efforts to promote understanding of persons with disabilities to healthy people. In addition to that, I got a comment that “reasonable consideration is necessary, but I felt that it is not good for disabled people to claim just their rights” (male in their 50s with a physical disability).

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