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Ex-Doctor Denies Murder of ALS Patient at Kyoto Court

A former doctor on Monday pleaded not guilty of murdering an amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) patient in conspiracy with another doctor at the victim’s request.

 “I didn’t conspire or murder,” Naoki Yamamoto, 45, said in the first hearing of his trial at Kyoto District Court.

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“I didn’t kill my husband” Mother of ALS patient contract killer and former doctor pleads not guilty

On 13th February, the Kyoto District Court held the first trial of Junko Yamamoto’s mother, 78, who was accused of conspiring with her son, former doctor Naoki Yamamoto, 45, and others to kill her husband in 2011, a crime for which he received 13 years in prison. Junko said: ‘I did not kill my husband and I did not conspire with him. I am not guilty” and denied the indictment.

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Disability News Japan Podcast: Kyoto District Court Sentences Doctor Already Accused of Euthanizing ALS Patient to 13 Years for Killing Father

Kyoto District Court on Tuesday sentenced former doctor Naoki Yamamoto, 45, to 13 years in prison for killing his father in 2011, against 20 years sought by the prosecution. Yamamoto had previously been arrested and charged by the Kyoto District Public Prosecutors Office on Thursday August 13th 2020 for allegedly killing Yuri Hayashi, a woman with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), an intractable disease, at the victim’s request.