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Yamagata Prefecture examines employment for persons with disabilities

From The Sankei Shimbun

November 13th 2018

In Yamagata Prefecture, where the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare’s disabled employment survey was 76 people nationwide, the largest number of paddling by the governor department, on November 13, conducted a special examination for people with disabilities adopted in April,

The hiring examination for persons with disabilities has been limited to disabled people in the past, but this time for the first time also included mentally handicapped and mentally handicapped persons. Subjects were born between April 2, 1974 and April 1, 2001, have a handbook for handicapped persons, a medical care notebook, etc. and issued medical certificates / opinions of physically-disabled persons who are determined by the governor The person who was done. Approximately 10 people are recruited. They will publish the examination guide in late November.

Governor Yoshimura said, “I hope to employ as much as possible (people with disabilities) and make efforts to achieve employment rate of disabled people next year”.

The verification committee selected about five members from lawyers, experts, disability related organizations, etc. as members. We will examine the progress and cause of inappropriate employment of persons with disabilities, and how to adopt the disabled in the future. The first committee will be held in late November and the verification results will be compiled in late December.

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