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Why it is important for Japan to hire disabled people

“Do these people really understand why hiring people with disabilities is important to society?”

From BLOGOS [Editorial]

September 8th 2018

Do these people really understand why hiring people with disabilities is important to society?

It is said that 80% of central ministries have padded the number of people with disabilities employed.

Last year, the employment rate of persons with disabilities of the administrative agencies of the country was said to have cleared 2.3% prescribed by the law. However, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare announced on August 28 that as of June 1, last year, 33 national administrative agencies had disabled employment rate of only 1.19%. It means that the actual number of disabled people hired is 3,396 less than the number required by law. The padding has spread to local governments, the legislative branch, and justice.

Since the statutory employment rate of disabled people was established 42 years ago, private enterprises have been making efforts to achieve employment rates. The initial employment rate when the system was introduced was 1.5%, but the actual employment rate of last year has increased to 1.97%. For private enterprises exceeding a certain scale, if the statutory employment rate can not be achieved, the penalty of 50,000 yen per person is imposed on the shortfall as “payment for employment of persons with disabilities”, but the administration As for the institution, there was no penalty because sexual theory is on the premise. It is unexpected that administrative organizations in the position to promote the employment of disabled people in the first place were fraudulent, which is unexpected, and has received a big impact on disabled people uniformly.

Mr. Katsunori Fujii who is the representative of the Japan Disability Council himself also has a visual impairment points out that the fact that the central ministries and agencies have inflated has revealed that employment opportunities for persons with disabilities have been deprived. Indeed, some disabled people were not adopted while completing the top grades in civil service exams.

Mr. Fujii also worries that the data released by the government will not be trusted if the government is doing such cheating. As a result, the policies surrounding the employment of disabled people in Japan have been executed based on the padded data, and even its legitimacy can fluctuate. In addition, Mr. Fujii says Fujii says that if ministries and agencies, who are in the position to lead private enterprises, do something like this, private enterprises are also seriously willing to proceed with employment of persons with disabilities.

From April this year, the statutory employment rate of persons with disabilities was raised to 2.2% for private enterprises and 2.5% for national and local public entities. But if you keep in mind that this figure is now 7.4% of the total population of the Japanese population with disabilities, we still have to say that it remains at a much lower level. Mr. Fujii points out that the idea of ​​eliminating people with disabilities is persistent due to efficiency and productivity.

Employment of persons with disabilities not only guarantees a stable income for people with disabilities, but also has the effect of changing the workplace environment to more workable one and giving richness and breadth to the content of work. The society where people with disabilities are easy to live naturally becomes a sociable life for healthy people as well. In particular, in government agencies in the position of planning policy, participation of disabled persons as parties from the beginning in the policy decision process is very important in creating effective policies.

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