Two years after Sagamihara, NHK documentaries ask ‘What is co-existence with the disabled?’

Written with extracts from Mynavi

21st July 2018

NHK aired two documentaries on Saturday 21st July 2018; one on NHK G, it’s main channel at 9pm about Sagamihara, and one on its documentary channel, NHK E at 11pm about forced sterilization. This is from an article talking about the NHK G documentary:

“Now, people are trying to overcome the incident by facing Uematsu directly. Scholars who have raised daughters with severe intellectual disabilities and girls studying welfare, etc are exchanging contacts and letters with Uematsu, respectively. Also, some people started taking actions due to the serious challenges that the incident got to the site of welfare.

NHK interviewed residents and family members of Yamayuri Garden immediately after the incident. How should we take the lessons of “the worst mass murder case after the war” and connect it to the future?

What is co-existence’?”

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