Parents to file suit after disabled son’s entry to regular school rejected

From Japan Today

July 11th 2018

TOKYO – The parents of a 6-year-old boy with myopathy will sue local and prefectural governments near Tokyo after an education board rejected their request that he be allowed to attend a regular elementary school near their home, their lawyers said Tuesday.

The lawsuit will be the first of its kind after the law on the elimination of disability discrimination took effect in 2016, according to the lawyers.

The education board in the city of Kawasaki in Kanagawa Prefecture rejected in March the request to admit Kazuki Kousuge to the elementary school and decided he must enter a special school for children with disabilities.

The boy’s doctor submitted a medical certificate to the education board saying he can attend a regular school as long as he is accompanied by one of his parents, according to the lawyers.

Since the new law took effect, the education ministry has called on local governments to respect parents’ requests as to which school they want to send their children.

Kazuki’s family had repeatedly met with officials of Kawasaki and Kanagawa, and visited several schools including the special school, the lawyers said.

The education board in Kawasaki told the family the special school was selected because it has more experts on disabilities.

“The response of the city’s education board is going against the times,” one of the lawyers said.

The education board in Kawasaki declined to comment on the suit saying it has not received a petition yet, and Kanagawa’s prefectural education board said it will respond after a petition arrives.

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