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Decision to publish writings by the ‘Sagamihara stabber’ met with mixed reaction

From NHK

June 21st 2018

A book to be published that will include the correspondence of Satoshi Uematsu, accused of killing 19 people (injuring others) at the intellectual disabled premises in Sagamihara City, will be published, and university professors and others visited the publisher and the defendant’s claim have submitted a petition to cancel publication. The publisher says, “I want to clarify the incident and use it as a material for discussion to prevent the issue from dying.”

On this occasion, on July 26, at the intellectual disabled facility in Sagamihara City, people with disabilities who had been entered were stabbed one by one with a knife, 19 people were killed and 27 people were injured seriously Former employee Satoshi Uematsu, 28, who was indicted for charges of murder and other charges, stated that “disabled people can only make misery”.

According to the fact that the incident will be two years from the incident next month, a publishing company in Tokyo is planning to publish books, among which in the monthly magazine, such as exchange with letters and interview with Uematsu in detention center It is to post the contents that you have done, newly-added inscriptions, etc. along with opinions of experts and voices of victims’ families.

On the 21st, a professor of a university in Shizuoka prefecture and a representative of a families association of a person with disabilities visited a publishing company and submitted a signature of about 2000 people requesting suspension of publication.

Among them, Professor Takashi Sasaki of Shizuoka Prefectural University College Department, who interviewed the defendant, said, “If the discriminatory thought of the defendant spreads in the form of books, there is a danger that more people will be in sync, there is a fault with a fear I would like you to think about people and family. ”

Editor-in-chief of the publisher “To think about in society” Hiroyuki Shinoda, who is planning to publish books, said that the subject of publication “We are weakening despite the fact that the incident caused serious problems such as disabled discrimination and measures hospitalization to the society.In the meantime, I think that it is necessary to properly present the things I have talked with defendant and the effects I gave to society. ”

“I think that the victims and their families may have a hard time thinking that defendant’s argument is made public by letters, but how to criticize defendant’s ideas and take over consideration there after thinking about it I want to make a discussion or book that will be a material to think in society. ”

The victim’s family who contributed the note to the book

Tsuyoshi Ono (74) of Zama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, who was seriously injured in a son, Mr. Ichiya Ichiya (45), in a case, contributed piece to the book as a family member of the a victim.

For publication, Mr. Ono says, “To talk about the incident and not to weather it, you can not help talking about the defendant, but I think how the defendant’s words progressed, there is freedom of speech for publishers, It is a very difficult problem and I can not say either good or bad, “he told a complex feeling.

To this time Mr. Ono reprimands Uematsu’s argument, I gave a note entitled “I will lose to Uematsu if I shut up” in the same book.

Among them, it is said that it is most important that each person with disabilities has personality as one person, and that eliminating discrimination and prejudice behind the case is the most important.

Mr. Ono said, “Since it is a problem if more people sympathize with Uematsu’s idea, if you put it in honesty you do not want me to publish a book, but I do not want you to read it, but I have to ask you to read and compare and read it.” I am talking.

“I think it is a handful of people who have thought like a defendant, but I do not want you to be a grip on the lid at all, and I do not want a handful of people to be seen, I can not see inside my heart and I will not be regulated by law So we have to appeal to the hearts of each and every one of us so that we can think “it may be wrong.”

From disabled people …

Regarding the publication of books that posted evidence by Uematsu and others, while people with disabilities have fears of anxiety about the idea of ​​discriminating against persons with disabilities remaining in shape, while in the position of former officials Some people also asked why they wanted to know why the incident occurred.

At HANDS Setagaya Office in Disaster Support Office in Tokyo Setagaya Ward, disabled people work as staff, and since the incident, “The preciousness of life has nothing to do with disability is appealing” is complaining.

Among them, Mr. Yamagata who has a cerebral palsy and a disability in the right half of the body, concerning the publication of a book that posted the letter of Uematsu’s memoirs, “The disabled is not worth living as a form remaining I am worried that the idea that disabled person who can not communicate is unnecessary is rooted in the person who picked up.When it is a note, the place where the subject’s subjectivity comes out to the world is reported by the press and himself It is a difference in publication and I want you to stop publishing. ”

Meanwhile, Megumi Megumi with cerebral palsy said, “I do not want to read if the contents claiming the disabled do not need, but why the person who was a staff member of the facility caused the incident, why the disabled person does not need I feel like reading if there is a reason to write it. I want to tell people that there are intention and feelings even those who can not easily communicate and I can live properly ” .

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